Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rock'n The Rhinestone Bandana

Looking to create that Rock'n Roll Cowgirl Look? It's simple to achieve with an Elusive Cowgirl Rhinestone Cowgirl Bandana. You may have seen this Bandana In People Country Magazine, Cowboys and Indians Magazine, and Cowgirl Magazine 2013. Its the hottest accessory to step-up your look at a reasonable price (starting at $25.99) Each Bandana headwrap is embellished with Swarovski Crystals to maximize bling. Choose From over 10 Different styles of western bandanas in over 10 colors. Want something a little less Rock? Check out our huge selection of Hippie Cowgirl Headwraps, Lace Headwraps, Lace Headbands, Cowgirl Headwaraps, Knit Headwraps and more!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

These Lace Socks Were Made For Walking

These Lace Socks Were Made For Walking!

Adding a pop of lace is a great way to show off your cowboy boots. Personally, I'm a big fan of the lace cowgirl socks. They definitely add that girlie touch to your western outfit. When we at saw this trend walking our way we jumped to find great lace sock styles in every price range. The more expensive Darby's bootights (pictured above) offer all the bells and whistles for your buck. The Darby's lace socks have Moisture wicking-fiber technology along with an attached ankle performance sock. If tec socks are not your rodeo we offer other verities of Lace cowgirl socks to fit every cowgirl’s tight budget! Our western Lace Cowgirl Socks Range from $9.99 -$25.00! You can find all our styles of Western Lace Socks At:

Friday, July 26, 2013

Rhinestone Concho Flip Flops Are Still A Craze!

In 2003 Gypsy Soule started manufacturing Rhinestone flip flops and cowgirls everywhere were immediately hooked! The Gypsy Soule Western Flip Flop is the ultimate wedge heel to add to your country wardrobe. It exudes ultimate bling, quality, and gypsy funk!  But unfortunately, not all cowgirls can afford the $400.00 Gypsy Soule price tag!

Like all crazes there are copycats that take an idea and expand on it. Soon after Gypsy Soule released there ideas; companies such as Montana West and Wholesale by Atlas expanded on the Concho flip flop idea. These companies were able to produce a rhinestone flip flop that was affordable to that stylish cowgirl on a budget!

Personally, I am always looking to save a bit of money on trendy items. And quiet frankly…I’m pretty happy with the quality and bling factor of the off brand Western Concho Flip Flops.  Plus, I will still have money left over to by a Cowgirl Dress and matching accessories!
 Rhinestone Flip Flops In The Above Picture Can Be Found At:

Monday, July 9, 2012

Rock'n The Skull

Rock'n The Skull
Finally something new in the western market…Skull apparel
and accessories! Since we started Elusive Cowgirl in 2007 we have been itching
to introduce skulls to our clients. But there was resistance so we held
back and introduced pistol apparel and accessories instead. Thankfully, we noticed in recent
publications of Cowboys & Indians Magazine, Western Shooting Horse Magazine, Cowgirl Magazine, Barrel Horse News Magazine, and Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine, Skull apparel and
accessories are finding momentum!
Don’t get me wrong I love Cross, Pistol And Fleur De Lis
apparel. But skulls… definitely make a statement in a wardrobe. When you wear a
skull top, skull jewelry, cowboy boots and your blinged out La Idol or Miss Me
jeans… IT SCREAMS Rock’n Roll Cowgirl! So enjoy this new trend; because we can’t
wait to find unique skull products at a reasonable price for our unique Elusive
Cowgirl clientele! 
Skull Shirt & Accessories Can Be Found At 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Elusive Cowgirl Barrel Horse News Contest

Barrel Horse News Contest June 2012
Elusive Cowgirl specializes in unique western wear and accessories at a reasonable price. We know it’s important to offer cute cowgirl apparel for that trendy western gal! We at Elusive Cowgirl also like to give back. This month we are working with Barrel Horse News

Enter a chance to win a pair of Elusive Cowgirl Rhinestone Concho Sunglasses. These western sunglasses are the perfect accessory for your western wear this summer! They would look cute with your blinged out cowgirl jeans and cowgirl burnout t shirt , or your cowgirl dress with lace leggings and cowboy boots!

Our concho sunglasses have had much recognition in the western community. December 2011 Cowboys and Indians Magazine picked our western sunglasses as the it gift to give in 2011. Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine April 2012 picked our rhinestone concho sunglasses as the spring must have. We are so thankful for all our cowgirl fans and strive to work even harder to bring you trendy cowgirl clothing at a reasonable price! 
Come Vist Us At 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cowgirl Dresses A Must Have For Spring 2012!

Country Western Style from
Cowgirl girl blinged out dresses are a must have this spring 2012! Popularized by Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert this trend is stronger than ever. After attending the Pro- Rodeo In Vegas 2011 i noticed a lot of cowgirls paring these western dresses with cowgirl long sleeve lace and jean jackets. They accessorized the dresses with Blinged out Crosses and Fleur de Lis Necklaces. The most surprising part was they paired the dresses with Lace leggings which helped showcase there Corral Long Shacked Boots. Some cowgirls went the more casual rout and wore them with Concho Flip Flops with a solid legging. These Cowgirl Gypsy dresses are must have in your wardrobe this Spring. They come in all different styles. Most of them are V Neck dresses and come tattoo printed with Rhinestone crosses or Fleur De lis. You can also find them in solid colors so you can showcase your blinged out western Jewelry! These fashionable dresses range from 27.99 - 40.00 at and come in all different colors and patterns!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Rhinestone Cowgirl Is here to stay!

Country Western Style from

All Cowgirls love going to western events all gussied up!

Wearing our Cowboy hats or should I say Cowgirl Hats…Cowgirl Junky jewelry, Concho Flip Flips, Long Sleeve Lace Tops, Rhinestone Tattoo Shirts, Blinged out Western Rhinestone purses, and Cowgirl Concho Sunglasses. The more bling we can put on the better!

At the PBR and NFR all the cowgirls were wearing the Chunky Junky Gypsy Jewelry.  Most of the Western Chunky Necklaces and Bracelets had crosses on them. Of course all the Cowgirls were wearing rhinestone Miss Me, Adiktd, or Petrol boot cut jeans. They paired the jeans up with a rhinestone studded Kippys, BB Simon, Spooles, or Leather Rock belt. Most of the girls were wearing El Gringo, Justin, or Corral cowboy boots or Gypsy Soul Concho flip flops.  On their shoulder they had a rhinestone studded purse with either a cross or a bucking bronco on it.

We attend a lot of western events to scope-out upcoming trends for our Elusive Cowgirl customer. So what’s next on the trend train for our blinged out cowgirl?  More bling and Lace of course!!

While attending some of the barrel racing events in 2011 we noticed a lot of cowgirl’s wearing long sleeve lace tops. The lace added a much needed pop of color under the shirt which helped that cowgirl shine!

For 2012 we foresee multi strand chunky jewelry as being a must have item. A jewelry trend worn by Maranda Lambert and other country music stars at the CMA awards.  Tattoo T shirts and Burn-out long sleeve tops are here to stay! Cowgirl Concho Sunglasses are still the It thing to have!

What will set each cowgirl apart from each other is there attitude not there bling! How she presents herself with all the above cowgirl accessories and clothing. Two cowgirls can be dressed in the same western wear; it’s her attitude that will set her apart!

 So bling on 2012!!